Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ultimate Venom

Two Venom's in one week, you folks are lucky.
Anyway, this is Ultimate Venom, so it counts as a different character!!!
Coloured version here


  1. ACE as usual, dude. MAn, how many/which pencils you use? they look on the "H" side..

    Also, the colored version looks REALLY cool. l drown you in beer and you give me photoshop knowledge?

  2. Thank you Luca.
    I will take cider for knowledge.
    I use up to 4 pencils. 0.3 hb for fine detail and hatching, 0.5 2h for rough work, a 2h graphite pencil for shading,and a 0.5 b for outline and heavy detail.

  3. Badass man, really did the character proud