Thursday, 24 January 2013

"Morphin"? Maybe. "Mighty"? Meh ;)

Aaaand, heres mine.

it took me a bit long coz, FUCK, I realized I know absolutely shit about Power Rangers and had to research like a motherfucker, from the costumes to how many they actually were ;)))

And turns out, I still got it wrong: I found a lot of ref pics on Google, and in all of them there was this Green guy that Chris seems to have a man-crush on ;)

I drew the piece and only later I realized there was also supposed to be a BLUE guy, who apparently has the shittest PR agent coz he appears on like, 5 pics out of 15 on Google (I checked).

Oh well, until we do a specific "Blue Ranger" week, this gotta have to go ;)

REALLY not happy about this piece btw. Might be the weakest Ive done for this plog so far.

Let me know what you guys think.



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