Thursday, 4 April 2013

"And for my next trick..."

"...I'll get cancer and die almost anonimously".

I have to say, Ive never been one of those people rippin their own hair off because of how cool Watchmen is. I mean, I TOTALLY get the historic and narrative relevance of such a HUGE piece of work, but I cant help thinking that probably seeing it unfoil month after month at the time it actually came out must have been enormously more mind-blowing than reading the complete GN now. I mean, I know the reason it looks... obvious? is because basically the whole medium started lifting from it, but it DOES look a bit obvious to me nonetheless.

But then theres Moloch. Amidst the big drama, the killings investigation, the torn superhero aspect, there was this guy who once was a modest supervillain, then retired, basically kept living like you imagine your grampa would, then gets cancer and is very unceremoniously shot in the head. While Captain America or even Superman died heroically in their duty, this guy gets a deadly prostate disease and dies with his slippers and blanket still on. And thats it. I cant help but feel genuinely sorry for this guy, the Bela Lugosi of super-villainy.

Anyway, blue lead and Pentel brushpen on cheap toothy paper plus some digital shenanigans.


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