Thursday, 14 March 2013

Not-so-secret Avengers...

I mean, one has badges all over and the other can fucking FLY... Talk about subtle, uh?

Anyway, I dont even remember who came up with the theme but kudos to you guys, its was a really cool book drawn by one of my top 3 fav artist right now (which change every day, but oh well), the fellow Italian Matteo Scalera.

Anyway, got so excited I have 2 sketches today.

Captain Britain, coz Matteo FINALLY made him badass (LOVED the Alan Davis version, but he/you could never take him too seriously).

Pentel, new grainy paper, crappily colored on photoshopped as usual.

And Beast, simply coz I never did before.


Ok, guys, have to say, its damn good to be back.


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