Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Invasion Begins

Hey people of the internet!
If you're reading this you stumble onto our sketch blog and hopefully you'll like what you see in the coming weeks/months/years (delete where necessary). Anyway here at Nerd Invasion we'll be uploading sketches we've done which will range from either pencils, inks or fully finished pieces (if we have the time) based on a theme that the 5 of us decide upon to pander to you guys. The group of would be artists you'll come across here comprised of Chris Duffy, an animation study and comic book writer for Lightning Strike, Paul Kavanagh, another animation student, Luca Pizzari, an amazing comic artist who some of us got the chance to meet at Dublin International Comics Expo and who you can check out here, Padraic Byrne, yet another animation student and Robert Carey, comic artist extraordinaire, editor of Lightning Strike and one of the founding members of SketchPaddys (yet another art blog you guys should check out here).
Starting Monday 17th of December you'll see us unload a boatload of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sketches that we managed to cobble together during the week. Needless to say we all hope you guys like what you see and keep coming back because our egos could use the boost.

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